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Large Lion Statue

Large Lion Statue

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Large Outdoor Concrete Lion Statue

Large Lion Statue (sold individually) makes a striking and impressive addition to your outdoor scenery from formal placing by the driveway to rambling walled gardens.

With dimensions of 31” L x 17 “ W x 48" H our lion statue stone decoration proudly continues the lion’s long historic symbolism of knightly virtue and loyalty. If you have been looking for lion statues for a driveway entrance, you have found them. These large, well-proportioned male lions are perfect as a pair on a pedestal, flanking a property entrance or a walkway.

Over many years, statues have been the prominent decorations in many gardens. From the most grand and ornate gardens with large figures, to small creatures in a naturalistic setting, statues bring life and surprise to any garden.

Our large outdoor lion statues make a grand appearance with dimensions of 31” L x 17 “ W x 48" H 

Add an extra foot and make the lion sit tall by adding a Large Rectangular Base to your order.

Our Lions won't be moved easily, approximately weighing 650 lbs! Our beautiful lion garden statues are cast out of 100% solid quality cement that is designed with the outdoors in mind.

A big lion statue for home makes a statement at any entrance way, driveway, or anywhere you decide to place this in your landscape. Casted out of a strong mix of cement this stone lion statues will last for decades. Our life size lion statues are perfect for your driveway entrance, poolside, & more. Concrete lion statues for sale  now, enhance your space today!

Your outdoor lion statue(s) will be shipped via freight company. Cement lion statues will be delivered on a pallet. We can fit 2 lions per pallet, order your outdoor lion statue pair are the perfect driveway entrance statues. If you have any other question please visit our shipping policy.

Garden sculptures can add just the right touch of character to your home's yard, and let more of your personality shine through. A stone Buddha head or angel can set a spiritual tone, while animal garden statues of frogs, rabbits, turtles, and more bring a whimsical feel. Find all our concrete lions for sale on our lions page, this will fulfill any lion concrete statue need you have.

Because your garden statue will spend its life in the elements, outdoor statues are made to be durable and resist the effects of the weather. This could include resisting the effects of rain, snow, sunlight, wind, and extreme temperatures. Some of our concrete garden statues are hand painted to look like animals, and they are ideal for adding a bit of charm and character to your home decor. These items come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one to suit your outdoor space. Additionally, they are designed to be low-maintenance and easy to clean, making them a great choice for busy homeowners..

For large concrete statues for sale check out our figures, other popluar looks are large statue lions for the driveway. If you want something more natural, you'll find decorative rocks and stones in shades of grey and red that will blend in to the landscape.


Are cement lion sculptures delivered to the door of the addressee?


Delivery methods vary, currently our three methods of delivery range from Curbside delivery, Threshold Delivery, and lastly our top tier service is our White Glove Delivery.

Free Delivery is curbside - where your driveway meets the public roadway. The delivery company will most likely reach out to schedule a time with you.

The lion is on a pallet, wrapped and protected for shipping. For curbside deliver the customer is responsible to unpack, inspect and move the lion into its final place. No unpacking, setup, moving, or installation services are included, unless White Glove Delivery is chosen.

By CB Stone Decor SELLER  on April 4, 2022


I'm considering putting this in my garden. Do I need a cement base or platform, or is a bed of gravel enough to hold him in place?


A cement foundation or platform is not required. We recommend removing about 6-8 inches of earth. Then backfill with gravel about the size of your thumb, and compact it down. This will provide a nice base for the statue.

Otherwise we do have a large rectangle base that will complement your lion statue. Let us know if you have any other questions.

By CB Stone Decor Online


Can I order a pair of these lions that are 36” tall?


Our Large Lion Statue does not come in a 36" size. We have available a 30" Sitting Lion Statue with a different design, as well as a 36" sitting lion statue with a bronze finish, and both statues are made of solid cement. Please contact us for more information.

By CB Stone Decor Online 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Patty Holmes
Large Lion Statue

Our Lion Statues we ordered were absolutely beautiful. I can’t say enough about the amazing service from the beginning to the end. Carl was so helpful in helping me with questions and where to place from what would look good. I would definitely without one bit of hesitation to order from this Company again .


everything arrived safely and have good quality definitely would use them again!!!!


This company was great. Ordered two lions for the front of my house. Delivery was quick and easy with zero damage. And on top of that customer service was awesome.10/10 would recommend

Melva W

This is my first genuine review ever written and I am honored to do so for this company, CB Stone Decor. If you do not eat anything else, you should know that Carl and his team are EXCEPTIONAL and the customer service from CB Stone Decor is better than Disney and Chic-Fil-A! Further, their products are STELLAR!!!

Here is the story: I wanted to order two stone lions for my husbands birthday. I was deeply concerned about ordering something so large from a company out of state as we live in Texas nor did I want to get ripped off.

I am extremely "picky" and had searched the entire "www" to find lions that didn't look foolish or cheesy and found the perfect ones from CB Stone! Carl the owner helped me himself with my purchase to make sure I was placing the right order using the correct information. He literally held my hand through the ordering process! Then, he arranged the transport, keeping me informed of shipping process all along the way without being overbearing.

Further, he made SURE that the shipping truck appeared on my husband birthday and coordinated with the moving company that placed them within the next two hours of their arrival. EVERYTHING he did to make the order perfect was top tier! The pricing was perfect for some REAL stone lions...not the ones that are so lightweight and might end up in the neighbors yard during a heavy wind from amazon. Trust me....I looked all over for price comparisons and found NOTHING better!!!!

If CB Stone Decor was selling ANYTHING (dresses, shoes, cups, cars, or boats) I would buy from them FIRST!!!

I pray that God continues to bless Carl and his company forever and ever!

Galatians 6:9

Melva Wallace

P.S. The picture is only of one lion. I ordered two lions but only posted a picture of one because we were remodeling and had workers and paint materials everywhere. Trust me, they are AMAZING!!!

Love our Custom lions!

These lions are one of a kind. They are truly breathtaking!! The details are amazing along with the custom gold accent. We appreciate Mr. Carl for all the hardwork! I love the custom finish you added!